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These programs are really just plain fun and flexible! They can be incorporated as a part or our half day or all day team building events. Additionally, they can stand alone as a fun component for conferences, seminars and workshops. Either way, these kinds of activities are guaranteed to make your event a memorable one.

Crazy Corporate Olympics - A series of some expected, though mostly unexpected, mock-Olympic events guaranteed to get everyone engaged and having fun! Best played at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, though these games can be modified to play virtually anywhere. Medals will be awarded to the outstanding teams on the podium.

Kayak Adventures - Explore La Jolla’s Seven Hidden Caves by kayak. Plus we’ll catch some waves at La Jolla Shores - which turns out to be surprisingly easy. We can end up playing kayak polo which is incredibly fun with no small amount of mayhem. Best done in the summer months for reasons that are wonderfully obvious.

Model Boat Building & Racing - Some Styrofoam, some duct tape, a piece or two of PVC pipe among other sundry items when coupled with a vivid imagination make for some pretty hilarious looking watercraft. The hitch is that one of your team actually has to pilot this vessel out to sea and back! The activity is punctuated with a humorous marketing session with each team selling the virtues and benefits of its design.

Model Car Building & Racing - A little red wagon, some PVC pipe, good ol' duct tape, some cardboard and some paint. Your team will have everything it needs to fashion a hot rod! Once assembled we will meet for a side-splitting marketing meeting which gives teams a chance to boast about their creations and sell their features and benefits. Then there's the race itself. This gets pretty funny as it involves everyone on the team in a non-stop Keystone cops-like relay through some awfully funny obstacles.

Paintball Warfare - The game has become very popular. Though there are no specific rules for playing paintball, we have developed some game objectives, strategies, and plays that are certain to keep everyone on "Full Tactical Alert" status. Contrary to some beliefs, paintball is actually one of the safest recognized sports. We have coupled paintball with a commando-like theme of survivor activities to create a fully entertaining day-long program.

Where's Elvis Anyway? - Elvis was last seen in the Gaslamp Quarter and it's your team's mission to find him and bring him in! This is actually a pretty involved scavenger hunt that can just as easily take place at a hotel property, Convention Center or even in Downtown San Diego! Teams compete to find clues, gather up some strange items and maybe even get a glimpse of The King himself!

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