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The Amazing Race - Teams will have to race their way "around the world" with roadblocks, detours, pit stops and yields just like the hit TV show. This fast paced game format allows teams to participate in any one of a number of individual challenges. Too much fun! For a portfolio of photos Click Here

Survivor - We play Team Survivor whereby teams must "out play, out wit, and out last" members of opposing teams. This is a round robin series of challenges, games and activities with the winners earning immunity and rewards while avoiding going to tribal council and getting voted off the island! (The good news is that in in our version of the game, EVERYBODY wins!). A great morale boost for just about any work group.

These scavenger/treasure hunts are today's hot ticket for team building fun. Teams take on challenges, search for clues, participate in round robin contests and record their achievements with supplied digital cameras. Oftentimes these events are staged out in the streets with several teams madly racing for clues. The yield is a lot of laughs!

Amazing Race/Survivor Scavenger Hunts