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Community Give Back Events

Bike Building

Want to be a part of a great feel good day? Teams get out of the office, have fun working together, while building bicycles for deserving children - many of whom have never had a bike of their own. Who Gets the Bikes? Under served kids. We’ll work with boys and girls clubs, YMCA/YWCA, local government and other community groups to ensure the bikes are given to the children who need them most. We are happy to work with any location or organization you choose. What Kind of Bikes? We generally offer 20” unisex bikes. Helmets and locks are included with each bicycle.  This projects takes about 2 - 4 hours and can either stand alone or be part of a larger team agenda.


Here’s a clear cut benefit for your environment and community while rousing the spirits of your team or group. We offer you the opportunity for teams to work together to clean up a local neighborhood, park, beach or grounds of your choice. This could include trash pickup, building a walkway, adding a park bench, new plantings, painting, graffiti removal and scores of other neighborhood beautification projects. Totally customizable, this activity elevates everyone’s spirits.

Care Packages for the Troops

This activity benefits our military men and women and puts a smile on everyone’s face. We offer you the opportunity for teams to work together to acquire, pack, and mail valuable supplies to the troops overseas.  A series of challenges must be met to bring the team together as a cohesive unit and to earn valuable elements that will be shipped in the packages. Each team member will have unique responsibilities to complete the challenges found along the way. Items to be included in the packages are things like: snacks, toiletries, writing supplies, phone cards and other in-demand items most requested by troops. Packages can be sent to any military military unit of your choice.   

Got an Idea for a Worthy Give Back Project?

Let’s talk. We can be your co-creator to integrate your good idea of a worthy project with what we are familiar with - the elements of team building and event production necessary to make it a success. We have a lot of experience customizing programs to yield positive results. If you are interested in helping a specific organization or using your company’s talents in a specific way - we will be happy to make it work for you.

These programs are great for two reasons: 1) They address team development by giving corporate teams an arena to practice team skills and 2) They provide an opportunity for these organizations to make a meaningful contribution to their community by creating something positive in an organized service project to benefit those in need.

We are positioned to completely coordinate these Give Back events, delivering them to our corporate groups as a turnkey activity. In other words, “one call does it all!”