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Team Events That Get Results!

First-rate team building events that will inspire your crew, affect positive change, get everyone on the same page and upgrade your workplace culture.

The Theory

Practicing working better together turns good teams into great teams.

These days teams and work groups account for 70% of all work activity and output.

That said, how’s your team working? Engaged? Prepped to take on the big, tough projects? Willing to risk healthy conflict to align on winning strategies?

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The Programs

Engaging, Productive & Just Plain Fun!

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"Jeff and his crew have a keen feel for bringing truly transformational activities to our group. Plus, he knows how to ask the right questions. He gets our people thinking - how they can improve the process at our hotel. We keep hiring him simply because he keeps delivering the goods - positive results."

                                                                                                   - Michael Dunne, GM, SF Hilton Union Square